Physical Vapor deposition system

Cryofox Explorer 600

A thin film, is a layer with high surface-to-volume ratio. Thin films can a conductor, insulator or even a semiconductor. Thin films can be deposited on a substrate by vapor deposition mechanism. 

The Cryofox Explorer 600 is equipped with four e-beam pockets, a RF sputtering head and a DC sputtering head, allowing in this was evaporation of practically any material. The equipment is able to do plasma pre-cleaning of the surface before depositoin of a layer and evaporate four sequential layers without breaking vacuum conditions. 

Available materials: 

  • e-beam: Ag, Al, Au, Cu, Cr, Ge, Ni, Ni/Fe, Pt
  • Sputtering: Ag, Al, Au, Cr, ITO, MgF2, Mo, Ni, Ni/Fe, Si, SiO2, Zn, ZnO